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    Contract between the marketplace and its sellers
    Sellers list their services on our marketplace, they will also list in how many days the job will be delivered, the buyer has full visibility about the service, its cost, time lines and SLA. If the seller is not able to deliver the service in agreed time, the amount paid by buyer will be refunded to Adconnekt’s account using which the user can buy another service. If the seller is not satisfied with the services delivered by the buyer, both seller and buyer can mutually cancel the job and the money spent by buyer to buy the job will be refunded to Adconnekt’s Buyer’s account and that money can be again used to buy another service on Adconnekt’s marketplace.

    Performance criteria identified for adherence and settlement cycle
    The performance of seller is defined by two things, the service has be delivered within the agreed timelines and the second one is provided service should reflect the job description posted on the Adconnekt portal, buyer has all the rights to ask for a revision of the job if the Seller has not provided the service as described in the job description, furthermore, if Seller is unable to complete the job, both seller and buyer can mutually agree to cancel the job.

    Process of On boarding a seller – Due diligence
    If Seller completes the job successfully, the earned money will be put under wait for 14 days in Adconnekt’s account as a cooling period for the settlement of funds to the Seller.

    Monitoring of sellers by marketplace – process note and how are defaulting sellers identified and recourse available to marketplace on fraud
    Adconnekt marketplace has a single sign-on process for both seller’s and buyer’s, that means an user who is registered on Adconnekt portal can do both selling and buying of services. Each service job posted on Adconnekt is manually verified to ensure highest standards of quality which will reflect Adconnekt’s business standards, in this process around 20-30% jobs posted by users are rejected by Adconnekt’s quality control team.

    Sellers who deliberately post fake jobs are automatically banned from the Adconnekt’s system by our proprietary algorithms, i.e for example if a seller is not showing good results or getting negative feedback for 3 times continuously will be banned/removed from the system to ensure high quality buyer experience and furthermore we are continuously monitoring all the jobs and sales in our system and provide support to buyers 24/7 through email support, to resolve any queries or concerns both buyers and sellers have on the platform.

    Moreover, the buyers can contact the seller directly on the seller contact page and get satisfied before buying any job, this ensures the job rejection rate and fraud can be mitigated.

    For support go to this link – https://www.adconnekt.com/blog/support/

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