Scammers are all over the world. They are not just targeting you via emails or ads, you can also find them on freelancing sites. The freelancing marketplaces are full of the scammers that are targeting the freelancers, if you are not cautious, it is easy to fall prey to scams.

The scammers will get their jobs done by you and then disappear without paying you for your efforts. Let’s see how to avoid the scams and save yourself from the scams.

Read the Project Description completely

Mostly the newbie freelancers apply for a job without understanding the project description properly. This is the biggest mistake the new freelancers are doing, read the job first completely. Understand it in details that what the client needs are. The acknowledge buyers would always make their requirements clear in the job description. Everything is mentioned completely in the job description like work-hours, budgets, deliverable and all payment structure.

Avoid the scams that will attract by saying that earn$200 by browsing the Internet or things like this. Don’t fool by all these stupid scams.

Trust your gut

Sometimes you need to trust your intuition. When someone with one year of experience tries to sell a course on successful freelancing it’s obvious the procedure is off. If you feel the advice is off then you must talk to someone about it. Search someone with a career track more in line with what you want.

Check the client’s profile

If you find the client with the blank id’s that is not necessary they are fake or bad. But still, you need to be careful while dealing with them. You should probably check the client’s ratings and their feedback. If a client is genuine then he/she receive mostly great reviews and ratings.

Learn the fundamentals on your own

One of the most important and best methods is to make sure you don’t fall for a fake expert is to focus on teaching yourself. Self-teaching is the best method to educate yourself and make yourself sufficient. Teach yourself the tenets of the freelance trade. It will help you out to spot the genuine experts ready to help with legitimate advice.

Avoid free samples

Most of the times, the fraud client will ask you for the free sample. It is a trick don’t fall for that.  There are received mostly great reviews and ratings. All they want to get their works done at zero cost. You should prohibit such demands.

Payment Security

Freelancing marketplaces like Adconnekt take a certain percentage from your earnings.  This is done to provide a secure payment mechanism. Before working on a fixed price contract, ensure the payment method first. If it’s an hourly job offer check if the payment method is verified.

Avoid mutual admiration societies

Try to avoid the mutual admiration societies. Small groups of creative often lead to a problem. When you share your content with other they often just start labeling each other’s work.  This may lead to trouble.

Build your own network of freelance experts

As a new freelancer, you need to avoid bad advice, maintain the network that provides the proper guidance. Surround yourself with people who are working on the same goals you have. Because being surrounds with the people who are working on the same thing, you will learn some new things and you will also get some bad advice. All over you’ll learn a lot from them and that is the place where real expertise comes from.

It is clear that good and legitimate client should tell you at least four things: what they want, what qualification they require, their payment policy and the project duration. Always use your common sense while making a bid.

8 Ways to Avoid Scams That Manipulate Freelancers

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